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Rob Basso

Business Expert, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Mentor

Consultant, Coach, Speaker & Media Expert

Rob draws from experience for his consulting, speaking, and coaching.  He is expert in acquisitions, planning, sales, marketing, business strategy, culture, marketing and accountability.

TV Personality

Called on for his small business expertise, Rob is a frequent contributor on Fox News, Fox Business News, MSNBC, News12 and FiOS1.


Through his own life stories and those from others who’ve forged their own paths, Rob looks at tangible strategies to achieve financial freedom at any age.

The Everyday Entrepreneur

Rob’s latest book, The Everyday Entrepreneur looks at tangible strategies to achieve financial freedom at any age.


Fox Business News: January Jobs Report

Rob Basso weighs in on January jobs report and what it means to small business and the nation at large.

Radio Job Line


Rob Basso on Radio Job Line

Rob Basso joins Brad Caracciola, CEO and co-founder of Ground Force Logistics, and host, Scott Passeser on Radio Job Line to discuss entrepreneurship, bad decisions, learning from mistakes and their current endeavors. Listen and be inspired!


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