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Looking to take your business to the next level or start a new one from scratch? It’s not always simple to find the kind of insight and guidance you need. For me, I know it was instrumental to my success to have a partner who also served as a mentor. He was well-versed in what it took to make a business run smoothly and certainly helped guide me through this journey. To this day his input is still one of my most valuable resources.

That is why I got so excited when I saw an article recently in Newsday detailing New York State’s mentor program intended for small business owners and entrepreneurs. These two groups play such an important role in our economy but are often haunted by failure or anxious at the idea that a handful of small failures could spell doom for their enterprise as a whole.  At , mentees can register for the program, review profiles of the mentors and communicate with them.

This  assistance is invaluable for someone starting out on such an important, overwhelming, and often scary venture. The fact that NYS is providing this resource instead of leaving it to networking and chance is critical to continued recovery in our state, and will hopefully provide new owners and entrepreneurs with opportunities for growth that they otherwise might not have had.

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