Blog with Rob: A good year

This year is a big year for Advantage and not for any of the reasons that might come to mind immediately.  While we’re celebrating our 18th year in business and excited to have almost out-grown the building we purchased a few years ago, I have a much more important reason to be proud.

At Advantage, we pride ourselves on hiring the right people, being a team, and celebrating our milestones as a family. Lately, we’ve had engagements, weddings, and even a few Advantage babies! Now this year we get to acknowledge a great milestone for a young company – three of our most valuable employees are hitting 15 years with the business.

My Vice President of Operations, Yvette Hector, and two of our senior Client Service Representatives, Leadette Smith and Tina Singleton, are all celebrating their 15 year anniversaries with the company.

They’ve come a long way with me. From our tiny basement office in Woodbury, moving with the company to Syosset, our first big office in Hicksville, to finally owning our location here in Freeport, they’ve been working with our clients and partners every step of the way.  I wanted to take a moment to say thank you ladies, for your loyalty, your hard work and for helping me turn our little shop into the company we are today!

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