Blog with Rob: A ticket service gamble

A friend recently suggested that if you’re ever spontaneously feeling like seeing a Broadway show, be sure to use Broadway Roulette.  As a pretty regular theatre-goer, I was intrigued.  And with a quick internet search, I found

The premise is simple: Sign up and pick a date on which you would like to see a show, then you can pick your preference for musical/non-musical and input up to 4 shows you have already seen into the system (you won’t get tickets to those shows), then wait for a text or email 2-3 hours before your show and pick your tickets up at Will Call.

And the best part of all?  All tickets are $45.00 or under. Not a bad deal at all!  For any theatre-goer in the NYC-Metro area, signing up for the site is a worthwhile endeavor.  If you have a time picked out when you know you are free, it’s an easy plan for an evening out.

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