Blog with Rob: An Employment Paradox

While reading an article on the Wall Street Journal website on the lack of entry-level positions available for Millennials starting out their careers I found an article from just a month earlier talking about the lack of qualified applicants for positions in small businesses across the country.

These concurrent dilemmas have created a vicious paradoxical effect—people new to a field or the workforce can’t get a job because they don’t have the required experience, and small companies requiring employees with a certain level of knowledge or comfort with a job are left in the lurch with a narrow field of applicants.  A whole generation of new workers now has a slow start on their careers, and small businesses are struggling to grow and create more jobs without the right kind of support.  In fact, the unemployment rate for young adults in the 25-34 year old demographic continues to come in above the national overall rate.

As a small business owner myself, I have struggled to find the right people to fill positions that require specialized skills or experience.  Depending on the position, I either hold out until the ideal dream candidate applies, or I often base it on the person’s drive and motivation to succeed.  I have taken on employees to position on a trial or part-time basis and given them the time and leeway to prove themselves.  Other employees were already picking up slack to fill whatever void my potential new employee is slated to fill, if they agree to supervise the new employee or offer support while it’s still necessary, everyone wins.

Many of my most productive, successful employees have started out this way.  Give an ambitious young starter a shot; all professionals were newbies once too.

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