Blog with Rob: Small business struggles – attracting new talent

Small business struggles – attracting new talent.


We all know it can be hard to hire fresh, energized college graduates who have the skill set we are looking for. Why is that? Well, most small businesses can’t afford the sexy perks of unlimited vacation, or the modern “open office” look that’s rapidly taking over major companies. So, what can we do to attract new talent?

There’s a few interesting ways. Work with your local community college to offer paid internships which will help you identify good future full-time candidates, while easing your company into working with millennials. Look to see if there’s low cost but attractive changes you can make, such as allowing employees to work remote one or two days a week.

Get employees involved and engaged so they want to recommend your open jobs to friends: Look at your composition of your employee base. Is it mostly women? For a small donation, there are seminars offered by local non-profits that you can bring into your office, on topics ranging from breast cancer detection to eating healthy.  On that note, offer employees a hiring bonus for recommending a friend who stays on at least six months after being hired.

These aren’t budget busters – sometimes the key to attracting new talent is as simple as forcing yourself to think in innovative new ways. Try something new and see if it works!

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