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By Eileen Lichtenstein

Unfortunately, there is a part of the population that blocks success and happiness.  I’m not talking about governments now, but individuals- “bullies”- and as children/youth bullies grow up, they become adult bullies, often at work. No matter what age, there are several common characteristics among bullies and extremely angry people:

  • Poor or no self-esteem
  • Poor or no self-love
  • Shame
  • Poor communication skills

On the other side of the spectrum are the victims.  Those who have been bullied, physically and/or emotionally abused have a lot in common:

  • Poor or no self-esteem
  • Poor or no self-love
  • Depression or Anger
  • Difficulty focusing

Bullying in the workplace has reached epidemic proportions and can easily be prevented.  Bullying prevention training and anger management programs at the office facilitate stress reduction, empowerment and effective communication, in addition to offering strategies to deal with specifically with anger.  Because anger and stress are natural emotions it can be easy to overlook them when they become “out of control”. However, if you allow the frustration levels to spill over in your office it can quickly turn into a problem.  Prevent these kinds situations before they become an issue!


Eileen Lichtenstein, CEO Balance & Power, Inc. helps individuals and groups be Positive, Productive and Powerful!  She is a certified Anger Management Specialist, Life/Career Coach and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, Tapping).  She can be reached at (516) 623-4353 or
Download: Workplace Bullying Prevention Programs (pdf)

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