Blog with Rob: May the Force be with you. Boeing’s force field, that is.

In the latest in awesome technology news, Boeing has filed for a patent on, a force field that helps keep soldiers safe in the field.  If your mind immediately jumps to the cool shields used by space traveling ships in “Star Trek” or “Star Wars” the technology isn’t quite there yet.

What this force field would do is sense an explosion from an IED or roadside bomb and counter those shock waves with an electric, laser or microwave arc, and save the soldiers from potential brain injuries. The soldiers would still need body armor or the protection of their armored Humvee, but it’s still a huge step forward as tens of thousands of soldiers have suffered from complications from traumatic brain injuries due to shock waves from blasts.  For the techies reading this, you can find all the full details here.

If you’re interested in military technology, check out this hypothetical military wish list here. Enjoy!

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