Blog with Rob: On client appreciation

Here at Advantage, we’re proud of our small business roots and the thousands of small businesses we serve.  That’s why my marketing team and I have focused intently over the last few weeks on devising ways in which to give back to our clients and show them how much we appreciate their business.  With that in mind we came up with the Pamper Your Payroll Professional Contest to coincide with National Payroll Week 2014 to recognize the hard work that payroll professionals in all companies, including our clients, do to make sure employees get paid.

We quickly came to the conclusion that this was an opportunity to showcase our appreciation not only for our clients, but for our own employees as well!  The clients could nominate one payroll contact from their company for a chance to win a free one hour massage. Then, from five randomly selected finalists, a winner would be voted upon during National Payroll week.  Whichever client secured the most votes one a massage not only for themselves, but for their designated Payroll Specialist here at Advantage!

This has been one of our most successful campaigns in recent memory, in terms of client engagement.  We are happy to be able to give back to our clients, many of whom have entrusted us with their company’s payroll for many years.  Advantage prides itself on its focus on client experience, and running this appreciation contest is now certain to be the first of several yearly giveaways aimed at engaging and listening to our customer, as well as giving back.

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