Blog with Rob: Personality Matters.

You’ve probably heard that familiar phrase while waiting on hold before—“This call may be recorded for quality assurance.” Most recorded calls are never listened to, but one company is taking those calls and creating a specialized, streamlined tool for better customer service.  The company, Mattersight, is using data it collected from listening to about 1 billion phone calls over the past 10 years to create algorithms that pick up on everything from language a customer is using, to tone, grammar, syntax and tempo to make their call experience smoother.

The algorithm analyzes all these qualities about the caller’s voice and assigns them one of six unique personality types, including “Thoughts” (a person who is logical and organized; they’re looking for efficient and accurate service), “Emotions” (a person who is looking for a personal connection), “Opinions” (a person who seek respect and recognition for their loyalty to the company) and three other distinct personalities.

The system also has managers trained in dealing specifically with customers from each personality type, who then in turn train individual customer service representatives.  When a client then calls in and gets assigned a personality type, the program then either assigns them to a specific rep that has high success with callers that match their type, or provides the rep with tips on the best way to approach resolving an issue.

This hi-tech solution could be the key to increasing customer satisfaction.

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