Blog with Rob: The Pro’s and Cons’ of Pizza By Drone

In case you haven’t heard, India just went the Amazon route and delivered it’s first pizza by drone. Technically, it wasn’t a paid customer of Francesco’s Pizza, just a friend of the owner, since it’s still illegal to use drones for commercial delivery in India. However the 10 minute remote- controlled drone trip of shaved 20 minutes of usual delivery time and was exciting for everyone involved. But let’s talk about the pro’s and con’s of delivery (pizza or say, payroll checks perhaps?) by drone.


  1. Shaves delivery time of your package dramatically
  2. Raises brand-recognition (no one knew who this little pizza chain was – and now they are front page news)
  3. Perfect for emergencies – such as oh no I forgot to pay my boss this week – can you drone me a check asap?


  1. Inclement weather – imagine wet pizza. Mmmm soggy.
  2. Battery life – right now batteries tend to die after about 8 kilometers of flight
  3. Other airborne obstacles – oh you know, buildings, birds, traffic signals, power lines. You get the pictures.
  4. The current regulations limiting drone flight to 200-400 feet of altitude.

So, which camp are you in? The side that eagerly anticipates your 10 minute pizza delivery, or the side that shudders to think of a sky full of delivery drones? Let me know!

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