Blog with Rob: Puppies! Athletes! Clydesdales! Darth Vader!

Some of you may have it figured out immediately, but what do puppies, famous athletes, Clydesdales and Darth Vader all have in common? They are all prominently featured in some of the most popular Super Bowl ads ever.

Each year the Super Bowl commercials are hotly discussed in advance, with the most popular ones trending online before, during and after the game.  And these ads aren’t cheap – last year’s ads averaged between 3.8 and 4 million for a 30 second spot, and this year’s ads come at a “steal” of a price, 4.5 million on average.

This year you won’t be disappointed – Anheuser-Busch will be airing three spots, two of them featuring the puppies and iconic Clydesdales that they are so famous for. In fact, their commercials are so wildly popular that they hold three spots in the top five most shared Super Bowl commercials of all time.  The most popular? That adorable, smile-eliciting Volkswagen commercial featuring a young Darth Vader.

For a sneak peek at this year’s brands and their commercial themes you can check out, which has dedicated an entire page to the 2015 Super Bowl commercial lineup. Enjoy the game – and the commercial breaks!

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