Blog with Rob: Storage Wars: David Vs. Goliath

In an unusual twist to the large vs. small business story, the one of the big storage companies is taking aim in at a plucky small competitor. Manhattan Mini Storage is known best for its status as a regional  industry giant and its off-the-cuff ad campaigns. However with the arrival of new, smaller storage company competitor MakeSpace, Manhattan Mini Storage may be sweating,

MakeSpace’s tagline is “Your Closet in the Cloud.”  They feature a digital cataloging system that catalogs customers’ belongings upon pickup, providing an online database that allows for item specific retrieval and delivery, saving on actual visits to a storage facility and basically allowing users to control their storage from the web.

Manhattan Mini Storage’s response? Billboards popping up across NYC telling readers “Don’t Trust The Cloud”, in what MakeSpace feels is a direct response to the quickly growing little startup – MakeSpace also just  raised $8 million in Series A funding in early May.

Personally I enjoyed reading about this back-and-forth; it’s always nice to see the big guys on the defensive for a change. And if you’re struggling against a giant competitor in your industry, remember that your size is one of the best differentiating factors. Your smaller sizes allows you be nimble, quickly react to the market and think outside the corporate box.

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