Blog with Rob: The Food Delivery Boom – Finally Enough to Go Around or Time to Go Bust?

It used to be that people who didn’t cook lived off Chinese, pizza and microwavable dishes. In today’s age of food delivery services, the list is so long you won’t know where to start.

Want a precooked meal delivered? Simply check out Grubhub, Eat Arcade, Seamless, Eat24Hours, or more…. (And that’s not including your typical pizza place, Chinese food restaurant…. You get my drift.)  If that’s not enough, even Uber and Amazon are trying to grab marketshare promising 10 minute delivery in some markets (yes you read that correctly) and eliminating trips to the grocery store. Want that home cooked meal without the mess? A slew of companies are helping you with that too, from BlueApron to Zesty to HelloFresh.

Personally I’ve never tried one of the precooked food delivery services, for my meals at home or at work. It’s easier to run to one of my favorite local restaurants when I’m at the office and if we’re in the mood for delivery at home we know who we want to order from right away.  We did give Blue Apron and one other company a try, but for family meals we found it didn’t work.

That being said plenty of my friends and colleagues, especially those working and living in major cities, use both of these services. The options are exhausting, and you have to wonder if the market is oversaturated. A Crain’s article agrees, and I think it will be interesting to see how the industry adapts to keep up with demand as well as a changing delivery landscape. A great Fortune article breaks down your options for you if you’re interested in giving any of these options a shot. Let me know what you think!

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