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Rob Basso is an in-demand speaker at conferences and organizations nationwide as well as sought after consultant and business coach.


Online Training Programs

Encapsulating over two decades of business success, Rob combines entrepreneurial storytelling with plans of action and workbooks to help others achieve the success they desire.

Basement to Boardroom: Planning an Exit From Day 1

Planning an exit from your business from day one is critical. This conversation will share some of my inspiring stories from start-up to a growing enterprise and the sale. Tips and action steps will be provided to help you stay on track along with the tools and tactics to make HUGE money when it’s time to sell.

Rob Basso

Coachsulting Services

A Unique Combination of Executive Business Coaching & Consulting

Rob has combined the techniques of Consulting and Coaching to create Coachsulting. His unique vision to help business owners and entrepreneurs reach their goals faster and more efficiently. Armed with the skills from over 25 years of operating, growing, acquiring and selling businesses while creating an envious culture, he can help any stage business succeed.


Speaking Engagements

Curated stories that create an arc of success that will propel the audience with inspiration and actionable plans to move forward. Position yourself ahead of the pack, examine how to calculate risk, and understand the mind-set necessary to achieve financial freedom at any age.

Ask about customized topics… below list is a sampling of what can be presented.

Basement to Boardroom:Planning an Exit From Day 1
Planning and exit from your business at day one is critical. This conversation will share some of my inspiring story from start-up to growing enterprise and the sale. Tips and action steps will be provided to help you stay on track.

Grow Your Business From Within
This talk focuses on how to develop, motivate and empower your staff to become the driving force in building your company into a world class organization.

Turning Contacts into Clients: Building Better Business Relationships
This talk focuses on how to take your networking skills to the next level and build a better business through your strengthened networking relationships.

Become an Everyday Entrepreneur
Not just for business owners but for professionals looking to reinvigorate their careers. This talk is filled with valuable lessons about driving business growth, honing your entrepreneurial instincts to the fullest and includes thoughtful video interviews from well known visionary entrepreneurs.

Rob Basso

"Entrepreneurship: It's NOT just an idea, it's a lifestyle. It's a decision, a mission that can only be accomplished by someone who displays a tremendous amount of focus, dedication, thoughtful planning, and above all, passion. Funny... I think I just described Rob Basso."

Jeff Hoffman

Co-Founder, Priceline.com

Rob Basso

"Rob is a dynamic speaker and brings entrepreneurship to life with vivid descriptions of his successes and pitfalls together with his immense dedication and passion."

Manuel London, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Business, Stony Brook University

Rob Basso

"Rob has spelled out how to have an attitude of positive assertion when creating a business of your own. He gives simple step by step examples of how people have faced adversity and came out on top."

The Everyday Entrepreneur


Rob Basso

"The Everyday Entrepreneur gives tremendous insight as to the make-up of successful entrepreneurs and shares valuable tips on daily disciplines."

The Everyday Entrepreneur

John Powers

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Rob Basso is a recognized small business expert, successful business owner and entrepreneur.

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