Introducing: The Dream Team Blog Series!

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Behind every great man is a great woman’.  At my office, it couldn’t ring more true. Behind every event, every marketing piece, every video, is my “dream team” that makes it all happen.  From keeping me on track to implanting new product rollouts to helping me prepare for Fox every week, these ladies help me accomplish everything that needs to be done.

I’ve asked two of these talented women to write a monthly guest blog for to help provide a fresh perspective on anything from how they implement product rollouts to current events or whatever is on their mind. Below are a few facts about Christine and Emily. I know they look forward to hearing your comments on their upcoming blogs!

Christine Cesarino, Executive Assistant

Christine has been working for me for almost 7 years now as my executive assisant. She graduated from LIU: CW Post with a Bachelors in History but came to Advantage with an extensive background in executive support and event planning. She and her husband have a two year old son, and in her free time she’s a professional wine drinker.

Emily Citro, Marketing Assistant

Emily has been working for me for almost 2 years as a marketing assistant on my team.  She graduated from Adelphi University with a Bachelors’ in English with a creative writing focus and previously worked in property management.  She and her fiancé are set to wed in 2015, and she has recently become a hot yoga devotee.

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