Put your MP3 player where your mouth is!

Put your MP3 player where your mouth is!

Good marketing conveys the essence of the product or service it is pushing. Great marketing catches attention and makes people think. But there is a fine line between gimmick and giving the goods. Consider Sony’s latest marketing campaign for its Sony W Series Walkman MP3 player. An MP3 player is an interesting case study because the product that has somewhat lessened in popularity over the last 5 years. With the rise of smartphones, many consider a separate portable music player to be obsolete.

But there is one notable exception to this decline—and that is athletes like runners who are seeking small, durable, and ergonomic MP3 players to get them through their workouts. Many will continue to exercise outdoors in any conditions just to stay fit. The major selling point of Sony’s new Walkman is that it’s waterproof.

And this is where Sony’s campaign comes in with either a stroke of brilliance or a step too far. So instead of just creating some sleek water-themed graphics for the packaging, Sony took it to edge and is testing water bottle packaging in New Zealand. And by water bottle packaging, I mean a water-filled sport water bottle, with the MP3 player submerged inside! If this packaging is well-received, it will make its way into other markets.

So what do you think? Laser-focused marketing or silly gimmick?

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