Should you fight that ticket? Check your phone!

Should you fight that ticket? Check your phone!

Want to fight your parking ticket? There’s an app for that. Well, if you live in San Francisco. But pretty soon it could be available across the U.S. A new app called Fixed will fight the ticket for you, prompting you to provide photographic evidence, a copy of the ticket, and pertinent information if you believe the ticket was unfairly issued.

Once you take a picture of your ticket, violation number, and provide info on why you want to fight the ticket, the app will do some calculations. Then it will present you with the odds of winning in court and match you with an attorney. The app can even provide additional information about regulations that might apply to the specific spot you were parked in to help your case (e.g. if you were parked on a steep hill).

If your attorney wins, you pay 25 percent of the fine, but that cash goes to Fixed, not the city. If you lose, you’ll still have to pay the ticket, but Fixed gets nothing

What do you think? Would you use Fixed if it comes to a city near you?

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