Special Delivery

Special Delivery!

We’ve all done it. Looked at that Amazon box on your neighbors doorstep and wondered—what could it possibly be? The guesses are easy to, well, guess. A book, some clothes, baby-related gear (even diapers!), or maybe even an obscure food ingredient. But what would your guess be if the box was about 15 Feet by 6 Feet and was delivered on the back of a huge flatbed truck?

As part of a brilliant marketing opportunity, Amazon teamed up with Nissan back in September to offer 3 Versa Note buyers the chance to have their brand new car shipped via Amazon, ubiquitous brown box and all! A film crew is also following the deliveries for later promotional use (duh). The first 100 buyers who clicked on the promotional link also received $1000 Amazon Giftcards. And you didn’t even have to buy a whole car to get one, just be incredibly fast.

What do you think? Silly novelty or one of a kind experience?

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