Underrated Royalty: Reclaiming Your Value as a Business Owner

Imagine the Mona Lisa tucked away in an attic, gathering dust under the assumption it’s just another old painting. That’s the travesty I see every day: business owners, the Michelangelos, Da Vincis, and Frida Kahlos of the commercial world, undervaluing their brilliance and impact. It’s time to reclaim your crown, dear entrepreneur, and remind yourself how freaking amazing you are.

It’s easy to fall into the self-deprecating trap. The endless to-do list, the crushing weight of responsibility, the impostor syndrome whisperer at your ear – all conspire to drown out the chorus of appreciation for your achievements. But let me tell you, that inner critic is a lousy music director. The truth is, you, my friend, are a force of nature in a beige pantsuit. You built something from scratch, breathed life into your vision, and navigate the choppy waters of entrepreneurship with the tenacity of a seasoned sailor.

But how do you silence the self-doubt and truly internalize your worth? Here are three tips to reignite the self-love and remind yourself of the phenomenal value you bring to the world and your employers:

1. Audit Your Awesome: Take a stroll down memory lane, not of regretful dinners and forgotten birthdays, but of victories and milestones. Grab a journal and list every accomplishment, big or small. Remember that time you landed the impossible client? Or launched that game-changing product? Or pivoted on a dime when disaster struck? Each item on that list is a brick in the magnificent palace you’ve built. Revel in the evidence of your badassery.

2. Quantify Your Worth: Numbers speak volumes, even (and especially) to the self-deprecating entrepreneur. Calculate the tangible impact of your business. How many jobs have you created? How much revenue have you generated? What problem(s) have you solved for your clients? Seeing the cold, hard facts laid out before you is a powerful reality check. You’re not just a dreamer with a laptop; you’re an economic engine driving positive change.

3. Gather Your Cheerleaders: Surround yourself with champions who see your sparkle and shout it from the rooftops. Build a tribe of mentors, peers, and clients who remind you of your brilliance. Ask for feedback, not to wallow in criticism, but to bask in the appreciation you often miss. These voices serve as a constant chorus of “Hey, you’re amazing!” ringing in your ears, drowning out the self-doubt’s pathetic whine.

Remember, undervaluing yourself is not just a personal tragedy; it’s a disservice to your employees, your clients, and the world. Your passion, your drive, your unique genius – these are what make your business thrive. When you operate from a place of self-confidence and knowing your worth, you lead with an authenticity and power that inspires and uplifts everyone around you.

So, put down the self-flagellation whip and pick up the crown. You, my entrepreneurial warrior, are royalty. Own your power, celebrate your awesomeness, and let your value shine like a beacon in the marketplace. The world (and your bank account) will thank you for it.

Bonus Tip: Practice daily gratitude. Take a moment each day to appreciate the blessings, big and small, that fill your life and fuel your business. Gratitude shifts your focus from what you lack to the abundance you already possess, and that, my friend, is a game-changer in the self-worth department.

Go forth, reclaim your rightful throne, and let your entrepreneurial flame burn brighter than ever!

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